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Easy to use and a great time saver. With the azon easy cash package you will have the perfect opportunity.   easy azon  very easy to set up and to configure to work the way you want. I am aware that the popup functionality of easy azon would probably be lost in an implementation like this, but i would be fine with that really. Footer option of authority azon wp theme: . Amazon is a profitable platform that you can use and when it comes to making real money on amazon, easy azon could be the perfect tool for you. Easy azon comes with features that will allow you to monetize a blog easily, even without experience. This plugin is easy to use and handle, and, anyone can set their hands upon it without much prior knowledge. There was a problem here and a few companies like easy azon tried their best to solve the problem with their plugins. Easy azon � amazon wordpress plugin. Here are the features of this azon wordpress theme:. Easyazon is a user-friendly and easy to use plugin that makes it so easy to display amazon associate links and gather commissions. When it comes to building relationships online, it’s pretty easy to get started, especially since not many people online are actually providing good value. Azon easy cash - fitness fever videos . Both prosociate and azon authority have a problem. Hence ultimate azon theme is at help. Bottom line for me is if you are making money with amazon affiliate sites you should look into easy azon. It is fast loading, easy to manage and eye catching, responsive on mobile and desktop. For instance, the lat tower splits as a cable crossover station, and the bench simply swings out to the side allowing easy access to the high pulley system so you can perform your squats, cable crossovers and more. From reading content on the ultimate azon theme website, it’s clear that dave has some experience promoting amazon products, for example his tutorial on how to write a product review when you haven’t bought the product. Azon theme ensures you only and only benefits and is worth spending, available at reasonable prices. I love easy azon for the way it helps me connect with relevant products to promote in my blog posts about soccer drills for parents. Ultimate azon is an amazon wordpress theme for amazon affiliates. Ultimate azon theme supports product review facility. While easy azon does make it easy to add in products, it does have issues. Ultimate azon offers many different widget areas. Woo search boasts a products search, easy to use settings page, search in option, shortcode, product images and more. The final aspect of easy azons settings is localization. Azon easy cash is the awesome software that will help you get great. The license and support page has a link to a dedicated support forum and a reminder that ultimate azon is updated automatically through the wordpress area. Ultimate azon theme around the other hand, are ones that either i or successful individuals i know have used in a consistently basis. There are plenty of plug-ins that make it so easy to add amazon content and links to your website to increase your bottom line. When creating content, you want it to be as easy to read as possible. Easy azon costs $47, but it can save you hours of work a day, depending on how many amazon affiliate links you are putting on your site. It was really easy to purchase the theme, and there were to typical upsells to buy a bunch of unnecessary junk as we see in a lot of internet marketing products.   they are very easy to use and can be setup very quickly and they have a good interface for tracking results. One thing i found by accident was, if you highlight a word or phrase and then click the easy azon button, it will automatically search amazon for that phrase. I found that it was a lot easier to just install the plugin and figure it out with azon authority than watch the hours of training videos. This allows you to take out the mats when you want to clean the fridge and you can soak them for easy cleaning. Also, your customers will find everything they need in a very easy way. The good: easy to use. Thankfully, ultimate azon has been optimised for mobile devices. Many people would rather skip such dreary work for pennies, but now that it’s as easy as pie, you’ll be more motivated to get those links. If you are looking for an unbiased ultimate azon theme review, then you have landed at the right place. Second, and less obviously, if you are not dealing a dozen or more amazon affiliate links a day, easy azon might not be that useful.

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Ultimate azon is no different. Without these plugins my blog would crash  and i am in love with these plugins. 29$, which allows you to use the plugin on an unlimited number of websites that you individually own. I really do like the ultimate azon theme and as you can see from my website (and this review), i spent a significant amount of time building a real website that i do plan to use. Creating and customizing amazon review sites is extremely easy. The landing page for this plugin suffers from the downsides of many a landing page; it oversells its product too much to the point of people being leery of it. If you would like to make this easier, you can check out our wordpress plugin called contest boost, which does this, but feel more than welcome to google “contest plugins” or “contest software” to find different items. But do not worry you can benefit from this special discount and try easy azon safely through our link below. Fully search engine-optimized out of the box: this plugin is built through the ground-up to perform well in the search engines and many types of major yahoo and google. With tons of other great features, this plugin has good support and is an absolute tool to add clean looking affiliate links to your site. What i like here is how their content is structured – lots of nice images, links, headlines, different highlighting of important stuff and pricing tables, making it really easy for the reader to navigate through the page. Asin grabber: you can enter an amazon url like this in the plugin, and it will extract all the asins found on that page. Easyazon plugin and you're good to go. Best amazon affiliate wordpress plugins. Is easyazon easy to install. 7 nulled + mega mega plugins pack ( social networking software ). Once you have both plugins installed and activated you need to set up the plugin. There are wordpress plugins that will allow you to create links directly within your wordpress post.   easy azon can work on any of your wordpress sites, and you can use easy azon on  any number of sites after you buy a license. This plugin enables you to install it on as many of your domains as possible, thus ensuring that you do not get lost in managing different campaigns from different panels. It makes it ever so easy to customize a child theme without needing to touch a single line of code. After getting the aws credentials to let the plugin access the amazon product api, you need to copy those credentials to your plugin settings page. Azon authority has tight facebook integration too effectively adding another avenue for massive amounts of traffic to enter the store. The following screenshot shows you the ultimate azon options available when adding review posts. With this plugin, you can create text affiliate links that can be optionally toggled to open in new windows and have the no follow attribute applied. After creating 800 posts with shortcode in them, i realized the plugin hadn’t been updated for over 2 years and the author was no longer maintaining it. Alternative #3: pixelbin's wordpress amazon affiliate plugin. I would maybe add easy azon plugin here, just to increase the earning potential, but other than that it’s fine. 0 is a wordpress plugin that takes any amazon affiliate site and morph it into a mega sales machine. Easyazon is a great plugin to save your time and increase productivity as now you need not visit your amazon affiliate dashboard over and again to get links, download images etc. The developer of the theme claims that you can earn more money with ultimate azon wordpress theme. An image logo or text logo can be used with ultimate azon. This plugin works exactly as it claims and better then i expected. If you manage several blogs, and still wish to expand your army of blogs to run effective campaigns, you’ll have a lot of help from this plugin. When you install easy azon wordpress plugin, you would be asked to configure it for your affiliate account. However chris guthrie , the creator of easy azon convinced me with easyazon pro wordpress plugin. Here are 3 amazon associates plugins that stand out:. This is a top rated wordpress plugin that can make adding amazon affiliates to your site extremely easy. I’ve written a tutorial on how you can start a blog in just 3 easy steps. These bonus themes are a perfect compliment to the easyazon plugin to skyrocket your amazon earnings. Ultimate azon adds a couple of new items to your wordpress admin menu. This is not really a concern as dedicated seo wordpress plugins such as wordpress seo handle everything anyways. Easyazon 4 (there is a free plugin but it doesn’t have link localisation or the other added bits) is currently. This internet site gives you this true easyazon – amazon wordpress plugin review thus you’re able to determine whether it truly is worth it, or yet another scam. Why should you get azon easy cash – fitness fever. There are plenty of plugins you can use to build a killer amazon portal using this platform. Before you do anything, make sure that you are going to the settings and inserting the api (access key & secret access key) to the plugin. The first thing you need to know about aawp is that it’s a premium plugin, and there is no free or light version available for it. Below are wonderful features of azon themes that make them profitable to use. The prices will be updated regularly automatically by easyazon plugin. If you run many, many websites that require membership services you can save a significant amount of money on the per-site cost of woocommerce’s membership plugin. The ultimate azon wordpress theme. Com provides a quick and easy way to get a blog online. Easyazon is such powerful affiliate plugin which can deal with international traffic. Azon easy cash - fitness fever of course. Recently i bought easyazon plugin for using it on my amazon affiliate sites. For this facility, it is very easy to show product popup in front of customers and potential customers. Your affiliate marketing reviews and articles now look more professional and official with the help of the plugin’s ability to make affiliate links in a snap (as opposed to sloppy links you put through html code). Easyazon however is the only plugin of these other two that allows you to insert just an image and link it to the sale. Because amazon is easy to understand for new internet marketers, personally, i think an amazon affiliate website is more marketable than other types of affiliate programs. If you’re just starting, then let me make it very clear that this isn’t an easy way.   the extra advantage of being able to nofollow your affiliate links and popup them up in a new window without replacing your existing page is also available in all three plugins. ) which will feature lots of affiliate links for amazon so i have been searching for a plugin that will make the process of adding products links easier and allow me to collect affiliate commissions for referring customers to amazon. Priceless plugin for any amazon affiliate. You’ll notice that the site doesn’t look like a blog, and there is no easy way to tell it is running on wordpress. Please check official websites for each plugin to be sure about options and abilities. Are some steps you need to take to set it up – but these are extremely well documented in easy to follow, (quick) setup videos. Author advertising plugin: a fairly sophisticated plugin that lets you show ebay, amazon, and other third-party ads on your blog. If you just need a quick and easy way to research the best amazon products to sell, just pay the $197 for the main suite. (not sure how to install a plugin. With the ultimate azon theme, you can name your product and. Ultimate azon was designed for amazon affiliates.

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Easyazon as a daily goal to get the best results over a longer period of time. Shopping around for a x350 pro can be a bit confusing since there are so many different configurations around. This was after i became aware of the problems with easyazone. Hello friends; welcome to the ultimate review page for easyazon. Easyazon pro, an enhancement for amazon affiliates. Access key id; also make sure there are no spaces when you paste it into the credential settings in easyazon because that would cause problems. In this easyazon 4 review we are going to talk about every important matter you care about: how to make the most out of this program, what are the things you will be gaining, pros, cons and everything you need to know before putting the program into practice. Hence, i thought about writing a full review on the easyazon including the easyazon coupon and easyazon discount. Now,  hit the easyazon settings button in your wordpress dashboard and enter your tracking ids under the tab ‘amazon associates’. Easyazon does more than just add links to your site. The ability to take pleasure from both video and audio edition of features allows you to enjoy easyazon in the manner you need. With easyazon, you can create links directly from the wordpress editor – no need to ever step foot on amazon’s site. Easyazon is a plugin you install in wordpress that adds new options in your wordpress dashboard that allows you to insert amazon affiliate links, images or info blocks (which are product with summary). If you want to get all your money’s worth, easyazon pro’s link localization earns you commission for people outside of your resident country. While there are free options (and i’ve tried them), i have finally found an affordable solution that only carries a one-time fee: long tail pro. Besides that, i would also like to share some amazing features of easyazon plugin with you. 30-day money back guarantee when you purchase easyazon. Within a few seconds, you can have an affiliate link inserted with easyazon. Easyazon lets you load amazon images to your webpages. Buy the regular easyazon package for just $29, reduced from $47. Easyazon amazon affiliate wordpress plugin also has a light version which can be downloaded for free. Easyazon plugin is a 5 start however its support team is a 10+start. I have also researched the easyazon plugin, and have downloaded the lite version of it.   for many of my niche sites, i am using the easyazon pro plugin. But let me just say this, easyazon will definitely help to bring in additional revenue from amazon. I’ve tried my hands on this plugin and today, and i’m going to present easyazon review. All you need to do is sign up for the country specific amazon affiliate program (free to join) and check a box in the easyazon settings to enable link localisation. Currently available country locations with easyazon:. Easyazon has been a huge time saver for me with all the work we do with amazon affiliates. Link localization isn’t even an option in affiliate easel for amazon even though that free plugin has a feature called “related links” which easyazon doesn’t and displays related items to the product listed for an additional chance to capture interest. Easyazon allows you to extend the time period you have to. While creating the content in your wordpress editor, you will see the easyazon link button present next to. He developed easyazon 4, a revolutionary amazon affiliate wordpress plugin that will make your online life so much easier. In this post, i'll present you the easyazon 4 review, and also help you make the decision whether to go for easyazon or not. This guide will help you make the most out of the easyazon 4 plugin. Easyazon 4 is recommended to anyone who promotes amazon products or who is thinking about doing so. Step by step tutorials – the support is good with easy to follow instructions on setting up and using easyazon. Whether japanese or swiss movements, the pro diver invicta watch range offers great accuracy and a sweeping second hand which truly distinguishes it from lesser brands. We reviewed the features of the updated version of easyazon available in the market in response to the requests of the members of our online forum. Great benefit and affordability can be mentioned as the hallmarks of easyazon. If you want to insert an image for example, all you have to do is click the easyazon button above the post creator and select “image link. Also, i know you’re using my amazon plugin easyazon and just as i said to all the people that kept asking me to add a cloaking feature to the plugin – it doesn’t really stop google from being able to follow your links. Bonus or easyazon discount offers:. In the easyazon pro enable affiliate links to automatically add the product to a users shopping cart when clicked (this increases the time in which you can earn a commission from an item added to a cart to 90 days instead of only 24 hours when normally clicked). Easyazon is an affordable product even at full price – but for just $29 it’s a steal. But here is a video review of better links pro:. I will add that using your easyazon plugin has made adding my links so much easier. Now you can start using easyazon to make a big difference to your amazon associate sales. But the easyazon will help you to complete this task in the quickest possible time. The easyazon can be fantastic. Easyazon plugin has been one of the most popular plug-ins for wordpress. The owner and creator of the plugin, chris guthrie has created a pro version and a free version. Of course you will receive the easyazon amazon affiliate link plugin tool. The easyazon plugin is available in two plans – developer license and the multi-site license. Who can benefit from easyazon. Besides, i have extra great news for you: once you buy easyazon 4, you are going to have a 30-day money back guarantee. Holding the poulan pro is a treat with a lightweight frame and a handle that reduces vibration. Easyazon will let you do so with ease. Then my mate bought easyazon along with all i seen was your ex telling us how amazing it turned out, how effectively it labored, how very much it made it easier for him plus much more. Easyazon has you covered for that too, with it’s automated link localiser. Easyazon is a plugin that makes adding amazon affiliate links on to your website much easier. The best invicta pro diver watches use either flame fusion or sapphire coated crystals, these materials are ideal for the dial window to a diving watch because they are scratch and shatter resistant. Search for and remove all instances of “easyazon” from mysql database. With easyazon the images that you are allowed to use are right there within your blog. 5 reasons why you should use easyazon. I'm just presenting these as options if you aren't happy with what easyazon is doing. Easyazon, and it changed my life forever. Easyazon’s easy-to-use functions will entice various users. So if you are an amazon international affiliate, and enter your affiliate information, easyazon can dish up valid links to your international traffic. But to help with my earnings, among other things, i decided to buy easyazon 4. Demo #1 transcript – install & activate easyazon 4.

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Easyazon doesn’t run on php7, so if you have the option of upgrading to php7 with your server provider, you can’t do it until easyazon upgrades. I could have gotten the easyazon post up for my readers before many of my competitors folks, but i wanted to test 3-5 other wordpress plugins that were free and make sure this plugin was worth your hard earned money. And then use this formula to figure out how quickly easyazon pro would pay for itself:. Similarly, easyazon can also be used for helping customers to add their products on shopping carts. Also which one of these editors work with easyazon automatically. However, you can also use tools like easyazon, geniuslink, or even table labs to help you effectively add links to your site. If you are looking for a modern, elegant theme for creating your next amazon niche review site, splash could be an excellent choice for you. Am i really hating on easyazon developers. Like i said this fridge isn’t much different than the lfx31995st which i reviewed earlier in this guide but if you need a quick refresher it has…. The default amazon cookie lifetime is 24 hours, whereas, by using 'add to cart' feature in easyazon you can extend this to 90-days.   this particular jnc has received several reviews from its customers, most of which were . We confidently recommend updating easyazon to everyone who wishes to have a user-friendly product which combines quality and the ability to offer instant results. Best of all, contrary to some reviews of this plug-in, i found that all the images that i selected were hosted by amazon and not uploaded to my own site. What is the link localization feature in easyazon. Hopefully, the easyazon discount will satisfy you. You’ll want to decide where people who buy the products you are reviewing hang out. Easyazon isn’t a wordpress amazon auto blog plugin like woozone woocommerce amazon affiliate plugin or amazon estore affiliates plugin. However, when you look at review pages you’ll see they invested a lot of time styling it with thrive content builder. Show updated prices for products i was reviewing. But some people speculates about getting the content of easyazon 4 free… for those of you who are reading, let me tell you that you can’t. Today, i am going to share a step-by-step guide for amazon affiliates on how to get started with easyazon 4 wordpress plugin. Easyazon is a great plugin for amazon affiliate which helps in saving your time in creating affiliate links and does link localization as well. If you're short on budget, have some free time, and/or are a decent enough writer, ​there's no reason you can't write these product reviews yourself. Here are all the plugins i reviewed and compared to easyazon. Well, i am now going through my 3 sites removing all easyazon links. If you feel that you are in need of an updated version of easyazon, you can easily download it from this website. Especially when you’re a blogger that reviews products, products that are available on the amazon site. Along with that, the easyazon team is also great in terms of support. Secret access key and paste it to easyazon credentials — then save changes and you will be good to go on access keys. Is easyazon really worth it. Make amazon associate selling easier and more profitable with the easyazon plugin. All you have to do is put in a product’s asin, click “get data,” and the impressive theme option will retrieve all sorts of relevant information, such as product specifications, prices, ratings, and reviews. Woocommerce vs easyazon for ecommerce store. Use amazon user reviews as your own. The popups are a con with easyazon because with some wordpress themes they don’t show up correctly.   i cannot over-emphasize this step; you truly do need to do your research and select the best products to review. Above shows exactly what  happens when a user moves their mouse over an easyazon amazon link. One unique thing about this plugin is that it actually pulls reviews from amazon, which is not available in any other plugin out there (that i've seen). I have a review page of a product with 9 amazon links and it ranks well. Affirmed there ended up numerous raving reviews precisely easyazon really works. Supporting product review post types. Since we are starting a niche amazon review site and outbound marketing isn’t always the most viable option to start out with, let’s begin by looking at inbound marketing. Easyazon tables aka tablezon plugin review. You could write awesome articles about wordpress themes, review your favourite wordpress theme, post on social networks or publish an overview of nice wordpress themes so that your readers have some inspiration for their next website. In addition, the theme has its own review system. Easyazon pro, an enhancement for amazon affiliates . When i first published this post, i made the mistake of saying onelink did manual mapping and would therefore be more accurate than easyazon and geni. Your plans will be put into practice with clear vision since easyazon’s step by step guide is easy to understand and apply. Easyazon also provides several other enhancements that can increase your amazon affiliate earnings as well. Easyazon 4 is helpful for dealing with the links perfectly. It's a great plugin for amazon affiliate links and much more but unfortunately the pop-up is not translated into spanish also i had a easyazon pop-up misalignment (may be due to my wp theme). I have seen so many affiliates’ showing customer reviews on their site using wordpress plugins. Another making money feature in the settings is link localization — most popular amongst users of easyazon pro; greatly improved in version 4. But easyazon is an extraordinary tool which can suck up some more. Simply, easyazon 4 is a wordpress plugin that makes it a lost easier to run an amazon affiliate website. If you are looking for an unbiased easyazon4 review, then you have landed at the right place. Easyazon takes that stress away by taking them straight to their local amazon site where they can purchase as normal. With that said, when it comes to controlling your affiliate links without dealing with fussy code that half the time you don't know how it works, easyazon is the easy answer. 0 review about the best amazon plugin for wordpress. For example, i could add miter saw stand(s) or miter saw dust hood(s) if i wanted to write extensive review posts on those products as well on this site. When you create a product listing on your website, it asks for an image, an affiliate link, a brand, a model, a star rating, and an information blurb (or review, however you want to do it). Ultimate azon theme – you’re about to see why in the rest of this review post. If you’re already using a free version of easyazon, you just need to upload the pro version to get started with it. Where to find an easyazon discount coupon code. Easyazon made link creation a breeze. When i discovered easyazon, i didn’t consider anything written online. You can give a unique touch to your amazon review sites. The invicta pro diver review series offers watches of different movements such as swiss automatic/swiss quartz or japanese automatic/quartz. And not to mention that small but nice slider at the top showing off your latest reviews. You don’t have to believe me: go and google easyazon 4 reviews and see the real results online. All you need to do is write compelling reviews of amazon product and put an amazon affiliate link to that product.

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I’ve just finished up my latest project that i’ve very excited about, it’s called easyazon and it’s an amazon affiliate link creation, money making, time saving, wordpress plugin. As we know, amazon is the greatest of all ecommerce sites, and luckily enough, they have an affiliate program in place as well. Save time by adding amazon affiliate links and images directly into your content quickly,. Is there a free version of the ultimate azon wordpress theme. Easyazon wordpress plugin made ​​by chris guthrie, can make your blog have a distribution to your amazon affiliate pages with ease in accordance with what you want. This can also be enabled in any country that offers the amazon affiliate program. Demo #6 transcript – creating amazon affiliate links. Ultimate azon will use the correct affiliate tracking links for visitors. Since i still run a lot of large affiliate sites, this growing side business was taking up a ton of my time. Easyazon is a plugin to monetize your unique content by linking to relevant amazon products with an affiliate link. It offers extensive options panel, great custom product specs and easy to build sliders and tables. It’s as easy as copy and paste.   this hides the obvious affiliate link from search engine bots and users who hover over links and can help incite an extra click or avoid a penalty. Unlike the previous two themes we’ve discussed (#3 and #4), affiliate board is designed specifically with affiliates in mind. However, you should probably explore these options in your amazon associates account to determine which type of affiliate links are the best for you to use. Hopefully, you will enjoy the ultimate azon discount. 3) will you automatically be penalized with even 1 affiliate link on a page. Keeping the functionality in mind, it is a great candidate for creating an amazon affiliate website. I have been using easyazon for a few years now, and it honestly just makes building an amazon affiliate site much easier. The amazon affiliate program is very promising if you get things right. Easyazon is a premium amazon affiliate wordpress plugin. With proper guidance and inner motivation, the journey to that goal will be easy with easyazon. Amazon affiliate guide is also added with this edition of easyazon. As you've previously selected the product name, it will automatically search for the product name and present you with the affiliate products you can insert into the post. 00 for a free amazon affiliate course. If you have elderly parents, an easy way to check up on them is looking on your phone to see if the refrigerator was opened that day. So, how come it holds value in the amazon affiliate wordpress theme roundup. This saves a ton of time overall, especially if you use multiple amazon affiliate links in your articles.   i should also point out that all of these links were “cloaked” affiliate links. Have you wanted to build a wordpress site & monetize it using amazon affiliate program. It’s so easy and you could make a whole of money and even do it full time and quit your job. Infinite seo - every seo option your wordpress, multisite or buddypress site requires – in one easy bundle. So, for me, the best profile for an amazon shop it the ultimate azon theme program. These tables are typically hard to create and take a lot of time, but we created an add on to our plugin, easyazon pro that makes it extremely easy to create these kinds of tables. Is that the indisputable fact that your affiliate links are going to be changed. It's also super easy and convenient to use for first timers as well. We place them as our top three choices for woocommerce amazon affiliate plugins:. Ultimate azon theme doesn’t have the info you’ll need, you are able to create a refund request and will obtain a full and immediate refund. Also regarding the affiliate links, l’m with the other two posters, my suggestion would be to to use an external jquery script that would add onclick events to each of the images and headings for the price matrix. Amazon affiliate store builder wordpress final words. Here are some plugins to make life easier for amazon affiliates (comparison table can be found at the end):. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, i will receive an affiliate commission. This is a great plugin that can make managing affiliate links a lot easier. In general, avoid all of the bannable offenses above, like sharing links on a sexually explicit or violent social media page or using amazon trademark info in your page titles (like creating a facebook page named – amazon discount and posting affiliate links of product with discount).  link localization feature means that you will have less wasted traffic as you will be able to generate amazon affiliate commissions form the traffic you get from other countries. With the ultimate azon theme, you will have all of the options you need to make your business attractive to potential customers. If you throw another program like azon authority on top of that, it’s just another layer of things that can go wrong. It creates amazon affiliate e-commerce stores in less than 1 hour. So, it will looks real online store, not an affiliate site. You can check out the free easy azon plugin on the wordpress repository but the pro version gives you access to exclusive features. If you are an amazon affiliate who works off the wordpress platform then you need to read the easyazon 4. If you are already an amazon affiliate who has an existing niche website which makes sales, amasuite 5 could be an excellent addition. What is amazon affiliate wordpress theme. For $49 you can have a high-powered amazon affiliate store online. Affiliate links the old way. This one seemingly simple change can help improve your affiliate income dramatically, as someone who is based in the eu won’t generally buy from the us version of amazon, instead they would look to amazon. The setup and easy of use of easyazon is second to none. Or if you currently have a site where you are wondering how to use amazon affiliate links most effectively or the process of inserting your links using wordpress, i have a few ideas that will make you more money.   fresh store builder is a tool that makes this super easy and turns out great looking pages. This is enabled by default and is useful if you want easyazon to automatically change your affiliate links to match the country your visitors are viewing your website from. Make a website with authority azon wordpress theme. Sometimes what you hoped would be a flood of affiliate payments is more like a very small trickle. What better way than using wordpress woocommerce amazon affiliate plugin.  some of the major feature differences between easyazon 3 and easyazon 4 are more link localization customizations and easier selection of image sizes when doing amazon affiliate image insertion into a post right off the bat. Its been a couple of weeks and nor azon authority or amazon detected any sales. I’m just getting started in affiliate marketing. Update 2 - florian added easy-to-make comparison tables to aawp. In this latest version, you will be able to learn all about setting up a website, buying your domain, link building, keyword research, to building and maintaining amazon affiliate links. For example, hdtvs may seem to be lucrative, but they don't convert well for amazon affiliates. Price compare is one of the best amazon affiliate marketing themes out there.

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It might seem like an easy way to generate copy and bulk up the content on your site. This is my number one and wordpress theme which i currently use when building affiliate stores. 5 best amazon affiliate wordpress themes. The theme will display a small updating time disclaimer when visitors hover over the price making it perfectly complaint to amazon's tos. With automated geo-targeting authority azon users can now make even more money. In the video, i covered only the flow in which the theme is set up on a fresh wp website that has no existing content and indexes pages. Really easy to change colors with cool add-ons available like gradient colors and drop shadow effects. Inclusive variation theme that you think you'll need. This is a nice, easy to use plugin if you plan to add a lot of amazon products to your blog posts.  personally, i don’t know coding perfectly but can work with this theme easily without any coding knowledge. When you are using this plugin, it becomes even more easy to manage your affiliates recruitment, registration, login, management process and so on. For any plasma cutter consumer, the two most common problems to encounter are exorbitant price and not-so-easy-to-access consumables. Your theme can be styled using custom css code. Furthermore, the theme supports carousel and product slider. Easyazon – ok you might be wondering how easyazon could get into this list even though this is not an amazon affiliate wordpress theme. The second guide shows you how to convert an existing wordpress website to work with ultimate azon. Sales for the ultimate azon theme are starting to pick up as more and more people learn about it (dave told me). Wordpress theme for building and maintaining amazon affiliate websites. I am going to make an honest authority azon review. I highly advocate which you do yourself a favor and check out the exceptional features in this one-of-a-kind wordpress theme. Do you think one link makes easy azon obsolete. Easy azon is not perfect, but nothing is. There are lots of features that make easy azon the best in its class. Newscore web theme contains exceptional functions for example gorgeous blog page/content style and design with properly placed advertising places which will help make your website visitors want extra. If you ever wanted to earn money doing affiliate marketing, the theme is for you. I’ve done a lot of research on the best wordpress themes for my niche site projects, and now writing this content to save you countless research hours. Price for amazon estore affiliates plugin is $49, and you also get wordpress theme for free. Azon theme is completely genuine and legit. That is why employing azon theme can be the best option considering all its benefits. Easy azon has 4 methods of inserting data:. An easy approach is to simply offer a discount coupon which will apply to the next item the customer buys. Ultimate azon theme and provide you with some insider information around the plan. And just for the heck of it, whether you buy the theme or not, i’ll throw in my free guide – a pdf that shows you how to produce content for amazon affiliate sites. Azonrev could possibly be even better than the theme used by “thisiswhyimbroke” as it is focused on images, text and easy navigation. It is a bug-free wordpress theme. The third alternative – hosting provider easy install scripts. Ifttt (if this then that) is an easy to use website that connects multiple smart devices and internet software (like twitter etc) together. The last thing you want is to have your theme slow down the load time. The theme is priced at only $99 with all the above awesome features. Simple azon cuts the long, boring process down to just a few clicks, and best of all, you never have to leave your wordpress dashboard or touch a single line of code. If you decide to purchase the ultimate azon theme, consider making your niche a bit broader. Let us take a closer look at ultimate azon and find out. Some of the features are advanced navigation, ready-made themes for plug and play site building and customizable shortcodes for placing products anywhere on the site. Dave has stepped up and created a wordpress theme for amazon affiliates: ultimate azon theme. As you can see in the image above, easy azon then gives you several insertion options: text link, image link, or info block (which is a bordered table that includes a photo, the item title [hyperlinked], the price, and a “buy” button). Easy azon is not for everyone. What i didn’t like in the easy azon wp-plugin:. The theme design has a proven record of producing a high click-through rate – the author of the theme is an amazon affiliate, and firstly he created this theme for himself based on his vast knowledge;. The theme is high on customization so that you can practically use the theme to build a blog on any niche. Authorityazon is our top pick when it comes to amazon affiliate themes in wordpress. And if you have a flair for design, you’ll be able to make cool sites with the headway theme for wordpress, which makes it easy to create visually appealing websites using drag-and-drop techniques. Hold no secrets, share your thoughts and favorite free wordpress themes in the comments area below this article. It is a wordpress theme for amazon affiliates. Everything is vulnerable from themes, plugins, scripts and so on. Using the ultimate azon theme along with the easyazon plugin enables me to create beautifully functional sites and get increased conversions.  compare – price comparison theme for wordpress. Luckily, easy zon also allows you to insert all of those link types as html code as well should you want to. The theme cost to me that represents great value for money, with the level of support that you receive. Make more money selling amazon products using this high converting premium azon wordpress theme. Easyazon 4 plugin: upgrade to easy azon 4 & easyazon pro. Coming back to our main objectives, the themes i’m adding here are developed particularly for amazon. As you can see, easyazon is remarkably easy to use. When the product has been already searched for it’s easy to change the text link into an image. I generally like to limit the options that are available on a theme to. The modern, flexible theme is provided with a. I also had a bunch of questions i asked in the ultimate azon forum, which he responded to in less than 24 hours. When you write posts, you will be able to highlight the text you want to link and click on the ” easy azon ” tab in the post editor. People want easy ways to increase sales. Choose wheels is wildly popular websites with really a ton of traffic (compared to other normal azon affiliate websites).